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Budget Day 2014

Budget Day 2014

An overview of the main measures of minister Stef Blok in residence in 2015. These measures were announced today (Budget Day):

- The landlord levy to be paid by housing corporations to the State, goes up to 1.335 billion euros.

- The core of the housing corporations enacted: building and managing housing for lower incomes. That should deter them to engage in risky projects. There will be stricter monitoring of the sector.

- There will be more temporary leases. That should improve traffic flow so start tenants more likely to get a home.

- The point system is adjusted. The WOZ value to weigh herein, the local situation is better advantage of the maximum reasonable rent.

- The lower VAT rate of 6 percent on wages for alterations and renovations will be extended for six months until July 1, 2015.

- The limit for the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) goes down to 245,000 euros and dropped in 2016 to 225,000 euros.

- People who have any remaining debt after the sale of their home may sometimes co-finance under the NHG. The interest on the remaining debt incurred until 2018, now 15 years can be deducted from income tax. That's 10 years.

- The temporary relocation scheme is set permanently. This means that mortgage rates from the previous or future own home is tax deductible up to 3 years.



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