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Partner model - Brokers Franchise

Partner model - Brokers Franchise

Agent Franchise - Partner Model
The Management Agent is a highly successful and fast-growing real estate formula.

The Management Agent is not a franchise but a partnership model.

With us, the partners pay 0% on turnover!

Would you like to become partner of the managing agency?

Quality and reliability are paramount. Our partners build their portfolio so that sales grow annually. Each agency has its own specialty.

Sales, leasing, management, taxation for individuals or companies at home and / or abroad.

It is a great range brokerage activities from which a variety of partners to connect with his or her specific core.

Focus is on rural marketing, improved service quality, central customer and better support for the partners so that they can concentrate on what they do best: toggling.

What we offer partners:

FEB partner

Placement of the housing supply in Funda

New customers by means some 12 scholarships each year

New customers through its own network of lead-sites

Rural marketing support in business management. Legal support through their own legal assistant. Leases for specific situations drawn up by rent law attorney.

Automatic connection to all potential free housing websites

Special rates for paid accommodation websites

Back-office system for complete automation

Support from our back office in Amersfoort

Partner Support. The partner support staff guides and advises the partners on possible funding, branch point, automation and corporate

Access to database of thousands of home seekers

Using its own network and Thé Expat Agent

Invoicing system with clutch administration

Quality co-partners

Regular meetings with fellow partners

Contacts with major investors and investors

Foundation Derdengelden to serve large national investors


What we offer new partners:

Training period at our office

Personal Coaching


Printed materials (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc.)

Brokers Signs

Google local marketing package

Special package via crowd-funding

What we are looking for:

Motivated entrepreneurs who go for quality

Moral character and reputation are essential, a background and experience in real estate are an advantage. HBO level is necessary to ensure the quality of the Management Agent

Financial incidentals:

Entry fee € 0, -

Marketing starter € 2500, - printing, real estate signs and Google Adwords

Partnerfee 0% on turnover, but a fixed amount with a minimum of € 250, - per month. The monthly amount is to be determined depending on location and specialization

Marketingfee 2015: € 250, - per month

In an individual contract mutual agreements are recorded. Dé management agency takes responsibility for the further development of the formula on himself. The partner does using that formula optimally fulfill its local entrepreneurship.

Interested? Please contact

Dé Management Broker

Property without worries

T.a.v. Guido van Maaren


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